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CJB photography is experienced in photocalls, event and campaign photography (achieving newspaper front pages many times). We also do studio or location photography for family or group photography. If you are involved in a building restoration project or wish to record changes at a site where changes are happening -we can help you. We offer special deals for new customers. Prices start as low as £60.




St Gabrel’s Shoot:


A highly technical shoot! Three photographers had attempted it before me, and failed. Subject: 12 art relief large ceramic panels. Problems of shoot: Art panels close to modernist angled pews. Panels on curved wall. Panels very poorly lit. Panel surfaces mixture of mat with small reflective elements highly ridged. Additionally lighting rigs and camera had to be moved through the angled pews and set up for each panel. Managed to reveal details lost to time -highly successful job. Results used in publication about churches art (CJB design and layout): St Gabriel’s Church, Prestonpans