The Secret Venue makes short films. I am proud to say we have almost been continually in production since mid 2021 and are currently filming on our 5th production (Tom Fairnie Series) . We make films for web output, touring exhibitions/events etc. As an idea of what we do, during this period productions have ranged from story telling, a country and western music series, to full period docudramas with period costumes and sets -including street scenes (see examples below). Thanks to the development of compact kit, we are able to accept more assessable film budgets.-Small films for organisations and groups who might not otherwise do short film productions. If you have a production idea you want to explore, the first thing to do is contact us, and arrange a free talk around meeting with us (usually in Cockenzie House and Gardens), to see how we may be able to help you, and get a handle on it all. :

Tel 1: 01875 812546
Tel 2: 07952214043
(Please leave a message or txt -if we are busy! Or email:-)

Look forward to hearing from you.


-Some of our short Films:

Produced for 3 Harbours Arts Festival and Andrew Crummy’s ONE DAY…



The Music of Tom Fairnie, 5 episodes, currently in production…



Coop & Community History: Period drama documentary 1860 to present day…



East Lothians famous story teller…


-Watch Example Films at: The Secret Venue