‘The Secret Venue’ is CJB Design’s label for film making projects, 2021 has been an unexpectedly busy year(!), with 4 film projects so far.

-So what do we do?

We do short films mostly for the web. We can do, interior and out door locations with wired and wireless sound and lighting.
We cover information films, narrative genre’s, stories, documentary, drama documentary.

The short films we have done as a guide, include, 40min story telling film, film of a poem (various locations -some remote)
in pastiche format, drama documentary covering the development of the Coop from its earliest times and
social history in Scotland to present day.

With the latter example, the live action elements involved period costumes, sets, and props, covering several different periods time.
Indeed, if required, we could provide period costumes, sets, and props,  covering 1700s 1800s 1920-30s 1939-45 60s-70s-80s is possible.

Thanks to the development of compact kit, we are now able to accept more accesses-able budgets for your film.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to help:

Tel 1: 01875 812546
Tel 2: 07952214043
(Please leave a message or txt -if we are busy! Or email:)

Look forward to hearing from you.


-Some of our short Films:

Produced for 3 Harbours Arts Festival…



The Music of Tom Fairnie, 5 episodes, currently in production…



Coop & Community History: Period drama documentary 1860 to present day…



East Lothians famous story teller…


-Watch Example Films at: The Secret Venue